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More Testimonials from Students and Colleagues

Barbara’s extensive knowledge about the material, her passion was contagious. She was always well prepared. A very enthusiastic instructor, responsive and encouraging of student inputs. U of T SCS Student

Barbara was able to relate changed in the photographic ‘eye’ to other contemporaneous art movements. She provides a very thorough commentary, [and] an excellent technical and historical overview. U of T SCS Student

Organized, prepared, good use of class time, knowledgeable, informed. Excellent value. I would take another class from Barbara Isherwood. U of T SCS Student

Barbara did a good job showing a lot of images and giving a solid background. She has done an abundance of research and passed the information on extremely well. U of T SCS Student

Very informative and extremely interesting course. U of T SCS Student

Barbara provided a huge variety of sources and materials, a sampling of photographic genius. She is approachable and knowledgeable. U of T SCS Student

Instructor is very enthusiastic and lively. U of T SCS Student

Stimulating new ways of looking at the visual arts, critically and with new “eyes”. The course content and mode of presentation made for a fine course! U of T SCS Student

Very knowledgeable approach, great visuals and explanations. U of T SCS Student

Barbara’s enthusiasm, knowledge [and] obvious love of art, came across as really wanting us to learn but in an interesting, not pushy way, a love of sharing. U of T SCS Student

Excellent course, [it] added to my overall understanding and appreciation of the arts. I would recommend it to my friends and colleagues. U of T SCS Student

An enjoyable experience. Barbara created a warm, comfortable environment. U of T SCS Student

The instructor was very knowledgeable and passionate about the subject. U of T SCS Student

It was comprehensive, well-presented, instructive and entertaining. The instructor was excellent. U of T SCS Student

The teacher definitely made the subject very interesting with tidbits of personal information about both paintings and painters. U of T SCS Student

I found the class rich and inspiring. I enjoyed the course very much overall. It made me want to know more.

Two students came in to the office today and wanted to express how happy they were with the course they took — Painting Through the Ages with Barbara Isherwood. They stated that she was an excellent instructor and it was an amazing course. They will both recommend this course to anyone who will listen. Jen Gordon, Student and Instructor Services

Congratulations and thanks for all the hard work. Gordon F. Davies, Head, Languages, Arts & Science, School of Continuing Studies

You’re a very talented and gifted teacher and the students have nothing but nice things to say about you and the course you taught. Wayne Patton, Toronto Film School

I want to thank you for always supporting the program and the college and for placing the students first. John H. Foote, Director, Toronto Film School